Our journey started with a dream to distribute the Vietnamese furniture to all over the world. For over 20 years with the great effort, Khai Vy Furniture – from a small wood processing factory, has become the biggest and most famous furniture (both indoor and outdoor) in Central of Vietnam. We are specialized in hi-end indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories from many material such as hard wood, MDF, Fibre-board, aluminium, textile, fabric and steel. Our capacity is over 40 containers per month, this give us the chance to supply any order from any buyer. In 2016, Khai Vy reach a new milestone with 720 billion revenue in wood/furniture production alone. Moreover, we are expanding our business into Tourism, Real Estate and achieve remarkable success.

In Khai Vy:

  • Quality is our life
  • Productivity is our fuel
  • Management is our core of success
  • Knowledge is our sustainable development

Our Corporation

Khai Vy Corporation Ltd, is a private company that specializes in production of outdoor and indoor furniture, mainly made of wood and aluminium, textyline….

In 1995, after 10 years of preparation, our founder – Mr. Doan Van Trang started our dream with Khai Vy. This time, this is a wood processing factory in Quy Nhon – Coastal Central Area in Vietnam.

In 2001, Khai Vy Corporation established our HQ in  Hochiminh City with the area of 70.000 m2. This is the important milestone of Khai Vy, mark the birth of Khai Vy Corporation.

On August – 2003, Khai Vy archived the ISO 9001 – 2008

In 2005, Khai Vy established Khai Vy Quy Nhon Join-Stock Company with total area of 100,000 m2 in Quy Nhon Province.

In 2007, Khai Vy decided to plant 3,000 ha of forest in Dak Nong province to stabilize the raw material. This area is under the management of Dak Nong Forestry Joint-Stock Company.

Why us?

Stable quality
Khai Vy is among few of wood manufacturer in Vietnam to build a form a self-contained production process from preliminary treatment (slitting wood, …) to refinement and implement, packaging.

Before the production, all the raw material are carefully check to make sure the quality is good for the indoor and outdoor usage. With the high quality product that need the high measurement, Khai Vy use the digital caliper to check. The color is controlled by X-Rite system and the light room equipment from US.

In the final production stage, all of our products have to go under the QC process to guarantee the quality. QC process can be appoint from the third party or from our buyers such as Bureau Veritas, Intertek, TUV,…

Besides the technical aspect, we also invest in Human resources – a very important sector to operate the professional manufacturer process. In Khai Vy, our production team are always trained in weeks, months and quarters by expert from US. Our production team average working period is over 6 years time.

Non-stop innovation

Our innovation is our fuel to survive in the high demanding from the market. Some of our remarkable product in our hi-end segment are: Kitchen Cabinet, Bath vanity, 6-panel door, UV painting product, rare wood product such as Hickory, Cherry, … Nowadays, all over the country there are 3,500 wood factories, but there are only 5 factories can produce these products. Among that, Khai Vy are proud of to be the pioneer in this field.

Follow the design trend

To differentiate our design and adapt the trend of high demanding market such as US, EU, Japan … Khai Vy has invested a 3D Rendering design team. Our style is the combination of indoor and outdoor attribute into 1 product, to make the multi-function attribute and the product can contain many material (metal + wood + fabric, …). Our Ambition is to find the unique in design. Khai Vy has plan to co-operation with famous designer from US and Holland the near future.

Perfect coating

This aspect is the most complicated process in the production, painting process is focus much more than any process. To limit the false color that lead to many times of revision, Khai Vy invest a auto-painting system that can enhance the productivity and the quality of the product into a new level.

Besides that, Khai Vy also chooses reliable supplier such as Akzo Nobel (Holland), Lurrel (Denmark), Valspar (USA), … so that the product is stable in color, lead free, no fading, high quality, no curve, no corroded (material must be under salt water test – 72 hours or using stainless steel material), no formaldehyde, material can be traced the origin easily.

Our Core Value

“Expand business and growth of profit through management, strict control, creativeness and high technology”

Our Business Philosophy

We have long-term business philosophy, from our point of view profit and responsibility are two parallel factor of success. Khai Vy Furniture believe that only the way to get the sustainable development of create the trust and sharing our own value and customers, partners, employees and the society.

Our vision

In Khai Vy Furniture, all of personnel and management board are one, we – together try our best to become the leading in furniture export in Vietnam. Through our long term vision, we desire to create the world acclaimed of Vietnamese wood brand.

Our mission

By the product and service with Vietnamese brand, Khai Vy Furniture aim to bring to the end-user a perfect living environment that they can enjoy their best moment of life.


Nguyen Kim Ngoc Planning Manager

Mai Van Tho Sourcing Manager