Commitment to every different demand

With over 20 years of experience with customer all over the world, Khai Vy understand that to fulfill the standard of different market, we need to diversify our force in the production. From this point, Khai Vy has differentitate ourselves in the industry when forming production zone for the leading market.



U.S. Plant is the factory for US standard. All the raw material is under the reuqiremnt of the origin, no formaldehyde (the concentration leaking to the atmosphere create headache, vomit symptom), certificate of  Carb  Compliance, certificate of timber material according to Lacey Act of USA. Our customer: The Home Depot, Walmart, MasterBrand Cabinet Inc., IKEA,…

Size: 12760 m2
Employee: 400 person
Capacity: 60x40HQ
Catergory of Wood: Oak/Birch/Hickory/Rubberwood/Acacia/Pine


Japan Plant is the factory for Japan standard. The raw material such as: MDF, accessories (joint, hinge, …) are bought from Japanese sub-supplier, to ensure the high quality standard. Our customers: Muji, World Family, Rembrant Hotel, …

Size: 7800 m2
Employee: 220 persons
Capacity: 30x40HQ
Catergory of Wood: Ash/Birch/Oak/Acacia



Europe Plant is the factory for EU standard. The plant captured the Social compliance audit – SER audit or BSCI, Smecta,… by the third parties such as: Bureau Veritas, Intertek, TUV,… Our highlight customer: TopTip, Siplec, Argos…

Size: 9728 m2
Employee: 250 person
Capacity: 50x40HC
Catergory of wood: Acacia/Mindy/Oak/Pine


Mr. Doan Van Trang, a nature lover, started his story to be a sustainable growth and Khai Vy would be a ECO Friendly Brand from the beginning. By this motto, Khai Vy become famous in her field to be one of the strictest company in choosing the raw material. From the source of US, EU, Malaysia, Paraguay, Brasil or the source from their own, all must be FSC certificated, from whoever use Khai Vy product can traced the origin of the timber.

Not only from the source, Khai Vy also focus on the safety of the product. Up till now, the company always comply the protocol in using the material with non-formaldehyde compound such as: như các loại keo, ván MDF,… to ensure the eco & user friendly products

Satisfy big order

Nowaday, Khai Vy capacity can reach to … in one month, therefore, we are confident to be one of few suppliers in Vietnam to satisfy any single order from customer. Our detail capacity is as below::

Duyen Hai Joint-Stock Company

  • Founded: in 1995
  • Workforce: 1.100 -1.400 persons
  • Wood processing: 650
  • Engineering: 250
  • Fabric: 100-300
  • Sewing: 50
  • Pakaging: 50
  • Product: Outdoor furniture
  • Capacity:
  • Wood/Furniture: 70 conts 40DC/month
  • Allu/Fabric: 30 conts 40DC/month
  • Sewing product: 50,000m2/month
  • Pakaging: 300,000 m2/month

Khai Vy Quy Nhon Joint-Stock Company

  • Founded: in 2005
  • Workforce:  700 person
  • Product:  Indoor Furniture
  • Capacity: 100 conts 40DC/month

On time delivery

The experience in dealing with big international customer let us know that to delivery the cargo on time is the great importance in the relationship towards our customer & partner. With our great effort to create trust, we believe that our company reputation come along with the on time delivery.

Our lead time is from 30 – 45 days from the date of receive the PO to the port date.

Besides that, to ensure the delivery and flexible in solving any problem happen, Khai Vy customer service in US is available (We invested our warehouse in California, US) and hotline.…


  • Establish: 2007
  • Investment: 3,000,000 USD
  • 3,000 hectares of forest (Acacia and Rubber Wood Plantation)
  • Planning the audit FSC in 2016
  • Logging Acacia FSC in 2016
  • All harvested volume will be used for Khai Vy orders
  • Having the contracts with Plantation Forest in Viet Nam and Foreign

Managed under Khai Vy A & F Joint-Stock Company